30 reasons to choose BINATEC®

BINATEC® peoduction:

  1. Effectively removes pollution.
  2. Is safe.
  3. Is ecological.
  4. Is biodegradable.
  5. Is hypoallergenic and approved by dermatologists.
  6. Is recommended for people who suffer from asthma and allergy.
  7. Is recommended for washing children dishes and washing baby clothes.
  8. Extends the period of cleanliness at the expense of probiotics.
  9. Doesn’t harm the environment.
  10. Corresponds to ecological standards of the EU.
  11. Doesn’t contain phosphates.
  12. Doesn’t contain harmful surfactants.
  13. Doesn’t contain chemical odorants and dye-stuffs.
  14. Only ecologically pure components form a part of it.
  15. Contains probiotic cultures, which create healthy and safe micro flora in a house. 

Just imagine!!! Binatec®  production is so effective and economical in use, you can obtain all above-mentioned if you refuse a daily cup of coffee in a café!!! 


  1. Discount 20% and more on production.
  2. Participation in activities, promo gifts and lotteries.
  3. Self-realization and conversation.
  4. Recognition and luck.
  5. Social significance.
  6. The source of extra income.
  7. Personal growth.
  8. Constant career growth.
  9. Opportunities of personal business.
  10. Opportunity to get franchise.
  11. Unique profitable marketing.
  12. Step-by-step training and modern business instruments.
  13. Advertisement support: pamphlets, catalogs, posters…
  14. Informational support.
  15. Opportunity to travel at the expense of the company.