What is our house actually? Walls, windows, square meters... For somebody - "my fortress", for some other  - "serenity harbour",  in any case, everyone dreams of cleanness and domesticity at home. Nowadays its very important to be able to create not only a beautiful and comfortable dwelling, but make it safe for yourself and relatives as well.

The chemical agents have made our life easier, but how often do we think about, what threats this comfort hides? Our life is not possible without washing powders, washing and cleaning agents, and often, for the desire to save up we pay our and our children health price. A huge amount of ordinary washing powders and agents cause allergy and induce irritation.

The new generation of  "BINATEC" house care agents provide cleanness, hygiene and brilliant gloss with a dignity to all living on our planet. The reason of this excellent result – Company`s unique developments and designs, consisting of probiotic cultures, enzymes and other components of  natural origin.

Enzymes -  are organic substances, capable repeatedly accelerate biochemical reactions with the participation of proteins. The most of pollution and speckles of our clothing are characterised by protein origin. These are - sweat, scraps of food, blood, organic  liquids, skin and bacterial particles, as well as butter, oil, starch, tea, coffee, wine and much more. Every pollution has its own optimal cleaning temperature, besides, starch in case of a low temperature literally turns in glue and imbues fiber, but proteins, vice versa,  in case of high temperatures harden as cement, forever strengthening in fiber. A correct choice of enzymes combination allow fast
and effective protein combination cleavage without harming human, unlike traditional  washing agents.

Probiotic cultures (probiotics) - are microorganisms, creating human favorable microflora, as a result decreasing human harmful activity of fungus and microorganisms. Last years many viruses and bacteria have developed an unusual  viability and immunity against antibiotics and another disinfection agents. Probiotics are considered to be future antibacterial and antiviruses weapon.

Using unique developments and designs of Company, uniting an enzyme and probiotic cultures forces, we offer various multifunction cleaning and washing agents.

"BINATEC" products