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Oven & Grill Cleaner - An innovative tool for cleaning grills, ovens, convection ovens, ovens, microwave ovens, stoves and ventilation grills.

Is impeccable cleanliness in the kitchen possible? BINATEC experts are confidently responding: “Yes!”. OVEN & GRILL CLEANER is a unique cleaner for ovens and stoves that will help you quickly and easily get rid of old burned fat, coffee stains and oil drops. A key feature of the OVEN & GRILL CLEANER cleaner for stoves, ovens and ovens is an eco-friendly composition of plant origin, approved in the European Union and in the USA. Does not contain abrasive materials scratching the surface.


Every time you use a regular cleaner for stoves, ovens and ovens, you not only make a lot of effort to clean, you risk your health! After processing the stoves or ovens with a conventional chemical, we think that after cleaning the grill with an ordinary chemical, we can bake vegetables for an allergic person or a child, will the microparticle of the chemical absorb the meat, rinse the surface well enough? Forget about all fears and doubts! OVEN & GRILL CLEANER - completely natural means for washing of plates, furnaces and ovens, for 100% consists of the components of a phytogenesis absolutely safe for health.


The familiar oven cleaner, thanks to caustic chemical additives, makes cleaning quick and relatively effective. But it often happens that using cleaning products even with the most aggressive components, we cannot achieve perfect cleanliness on kitchen surfaces. Using OVEN & GRILL CLEANER, you can be sure that the special separating formula, which is included in its composition, perfectly clean any, even the most polluted surface! Without chemistry and allergies!


OVEN & GRILL CLEANER is supplied in a package of 500 ml., Due to the unique natural formula, its consumption is 4-6 times less than that of ordinary cleaning products for grills and ovens.


+ It is made without phosphates, does not contain pigments and refined products, as well as artificial aromatic additives. The whole smell after cleansing is natural, thanks to the plant-based;

+ Does not deform or damage the kitchen appliances and work surfaces, as does not react with the surface;

+ The cleaner is incredibly quick, easy and easy to remove even the oldest pollution, without leaving the slightest bit of grease and stains. As a result, you get an absolutely clean, sparkling surface of your stove, grill or oven, as if you had just bought it!

+ OVEN & GRILL is incredibly easy to use! The cleaner has a liquid formula, and thanks to a water base, easily and quickly penetrates and cleans even the most difficult to reach places of technology. You don’t have to rub and scrape the plate for hours, soak it beforehand - just a few sprays, and the result will amaze even the most experienced cleaning professional!


Ready-to-use gel based product. Spray the product onto the surface to be cleaned from a distance of 10-15 cm, leave the agent to be applied on the surface for 10-15 minutes. Do not let the product dry out!
If necessary, use a brush or sponge. Remove residual dirt with a damp cloth or rinse with warm water.
The tool has a high efficiency, the ability to remove even old spots.

OVEN & GRILL CLEANER - an indispensable tool in your kitchen!

deionized Water, C9-11 Alcohol + 6 EO, propane-1,2-diol, Sodium hydroxide