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BIO BEAUTY, Oral hygiene

Bac Tooth-Brush Liquid 250ml
Highly effective probiotic liquid for tooth-brush storage.

Probiotic liquid for tooth-brush storage. Creates healthy microflora on tooth-brush bristles and between them, which improves overall oral health. The agent can be used to sanitize dentures and braces.


  • Shake product before use. Prepare a solution (10 ml agent for 100 ml drinking water).
  • To the resulting solution put toothbrush so that all of the bristles are immersed in this liquid.
  • After brushing, rinse your toothbrush bristles and put it down in the prepared solution.
  • Leave toothbrush in solution till the next use.
  • Dentures and braces are washed in warm water and left in solution overnight. 

Use the solution for no more than 1 week.

Indigrients: Deionized water, bacillus ferment, Mixture of 5-chloro- 2-methyl-2Hisothiazol- 3-one (CAS 26172-55-4) and 2-methyl-2Hisothiazol- 3-one (CAS 2682-20-4).