Probiotics in the house

Everyone knows which role probiotics have in food. Drinkable yogurts, kefir, curd, sour cream, cheese. There are even sausages, which are prepared with the use of lactic acid bacteria or noble mould. All these products are useful to our health. They create healthy microflora in the stomach and support our immunity. Washing probiotics do the same inside our house. They create healthy microclimate in the premises. They destroy environment for development of harmful bacteria by splitting organic mud invisible to our eye. No chemical components are presents in the content of washing probiotics, cleaning is performed during the process of life activity of useful bacteria. Bacteria and enzymes which are part of washing agent do not emit any toxic products or products of life activity. As a result washable surface is guaranteed released from toxins, which cause allergy to many people. People are used to take medication against allergy, but it is possible simply to clean premises from the source of toxins which cause it.