For loyal customers Company have designed the system of collecting discounts and encouragements. To participate in this program it is enough with buying a club card and indicating it`s number at every next purchase. Thus, all Your purchases will be taken into account in Company`s system,  what will allow You to significantly save.


For those, who consider the theme of Safe cleaning and washing agents interesting from the point of  Business, Company "Binatec" offers mutually beneficial partnership. To specify details, please contact the nearest Company`s office.

  1. Discount 20% and more on production.
  2. Participation in activities, promo gifts and lotteries.
  3. Self-realization and conversation.
  4. Recognition and luck.
  5. Social significance.
  6. The source of extra income.
  7. Personal growth.
  8. Constant career growth.
  9. Opportunities of personal business.
  10. Opportunity to get franchise.
  11. Unique profitable marketing.
  12. Step-by-step training and modern business instruments.
  13. Advertisement support: pamphlets, catalogs, posters…
  14. Informational support.
  15. Opportunity to travel at the expense of the company.