How they work enzymes?

Many people have opinion: the hotter water for washing is, the better dirt is washed. Although by pouring boiling water into washing machine and adding bio powder you can at one's surprise get no expected result. Stains remain. It happens because washing at 90°С provides better result than washing at  40°С only when it is necessary to remove oily stains, but is is completely not applicable to stains of protein origin. This thing is explained by the fact that protein by rising temperature coagulate, stain «takes root» on the textile and it becomes more problematic to wash it. At the moment there are enzymes which can work at temperature  40°С, but wash by bio powder should be conducted in two stages. First soak linen. During this stage enzymes “work” on protein contaminations at the temperature suitable for their life activity. During second stage you can wash at higher temperature and even boil, then other components removing greasy and oily stains will start to work. Such regime of washing is suitable for all powders which contain enzymes.