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CLEANER "two in one" for washing machines and dishwashers (110 ML)

WASH MACHINE CLEANER-new super effective CLEANER "two in one" for washing machines and dishwashers! Quickly and safely removes plaque, rust and calcium residue organic contaminants. Without harm to equipment, pumps and hoses would clean all interior surfaces and remove unpleasant odors discharge, dangerous micro flora and mold.


It contains no chemically aggressive and dangerous substances to the human organism: phosphates, refined petroleum products, pigments, flavors. Hypoallergenic and safe for children and pets. Does not cause bouts of atopic dermatitis. Can be completely removed from the surfaces. Only safe natural ingredients of vegetable origin, endorsed for use in the European Union and the United States. Compared to similar products on the basis of aggressive chemicals. Wash machines cleaner does not kill useful micro flora, does not harm rubber, plastic and metal surfaces.


In order to safely and effectively remove lime scale, calcium plaque and remove rust and biochemical manifestations of residues, as well as to exclude the possibility of unpleasant odors, we recommend you to use Wash machines cleaner as prophylaxis at least once a month, pouring cleanser in a special unit for liquid detergents, or air conditioners. When cleaning the washing machines, you want to use the washing cleaner without laundry and detergent. When cleaning dishwashers you need to run 1 washing cycle without utensils.


The results of the application of Wash machines cleaner: your washing machine or dishwasher is running smoothly, regular cleaning does not wear mechanisms and sites. One bottle can be used for a long time!


+ Coping with pollution of any complexity.

+ Does not harm the washing machine or dishwasher, because it does not react with surfaces.

+ No unpleasant odors.

+ The inside the tanks and hoses do not accumulate biofilm, pathogenic bacteria are not transmitted any kinds of infections.

Ingredients:  aromatic hydrocarbon <5%