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Ultizym Universal 1000ml
Highly effective enzymatic universal multi-purpose washing agent.

Effective universal multi-purpose washing agent. Is recommended for machine and manual washing of dishes, especially for children dishes, saunas, steam room etc.


  • use in a dish washer according to the instruction;
  • for manual wash use 6% working solution (60ml of agent for 1000ml of water (can be cold, but not more than +50°C);
  • leave dishes in the solution for 5-10 minutes and rinse with clean water. By small amount of dishes, use sprayer;
  • for wooden shelves, walls, floors in saunas and baths prepare 1.% working solution (100ml of agent for 1000ml of water not more than +50°C);
  • moisten surface generously with solution and after 5-10 minutes rub with brush or wash off with water;
  • if necessary repeat procedure.

Working efficiency of the prepared solution not more than 10 days.

deionized Water, enzymes blend, Izopropanol, Trisodium citrate dihydrate, Diethylene glycol mono butyl ether; 2-(2-butoxy-ethoxy) ethanol, Coconut oil acid diethanolamide (coconut oil fatty  acid N,N-bis(2- hydroxyethylene) amide) , Sodium Laureth Sulfate + 2 EO
C9-11 Alcohol + 6 EO, (Ethylenedioxy)dime thanol, Mixture of 5-chloro- 2-methyl-2Hisothiazol- 3-one (CAS 26172-55-4) and 2-methyl-2Hisothiazol- 3-one (CAS 2682-20-4)