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UNIVERSAL DETERGENT with enzymes for ALL SURFACES for travelers (100 ML)

UNIVERSAL-ULTIZYM Universal enzyme a new generation detergent with multi-purpose. Suitable for cleaning all surfaces: wood, plastics, ceramics, fabrics, wool, leather, can be used as a dishwashing detergent and regular washing.


The product is absolutely harmless. The composition of detergent ULTIZYM UNIVERSAL includes enzymes and natural, highly effective components of vegetable origin.

Contains no artificial flavors and refined petroleum products, phosphates and pigments. Enzyme containing cleaning product ULTIZYM UNIVERSAL-hypoallergenic can be used without risk to their health by asthmatics and those suffering from atopic dermatitis. Safe for kids and animals, does not harm your hands.


Buying ULTIZYM UNIVERSAL-you get a universal cleaner for the whole apartment. The product easily cleans any surface: plastic, metal, wood, ceramics, wool, cloth and skin. Can be used as an alternative means for dishwashing. Enzymes contained in the detergent make ULTIZYM UNIVERSAL efficient thanks to their ability to dissolve fat, stains and other contaminations of technical or organic origin.


You no longer need to buy different products for different surfaces. A unique formula in a convenient volume-100ml will help you take care of cleanliness and save up even when far from home!


+ Eco-friendly enzyme cleanser ULTIZYM UNIVERSAL-perfect assistant for cleaning any, even the most contaminated surfaces.

+ Works in conjunction with other products, such as washing powder, and also independently;

+ Copes with the pollution easy and fast of any complexity on ceramic tile and any other surfaces.

+ Does not scratch the surface;

+ Convenient to take along for a trip!


For hand washing dishes, use 10% of working solution (in 1000 ml water (it can be cold, but not above +50° c) 100 ml). Lower the dishes in solution for 5-10 minutes and rinse with clean water. With a small number of dishes you can use a spray bottle.

For manual washing, use 10% working solution (in 1000 ml water (not above +50° c) 100 ml). Pre-soak laundry for 20 minutes.

For wooden shelves, walls, floors in saunas and baths, prepare a 10% solution (in 1000 ml water (no more than +50° c) 100 ml). Moisten the surface of the solution and after 5-10 minutes, rub with the brush and rinse with clean water. If necessary, repeat the procedure. The working efficiency of the solution is 10 days.

Ingredients: Deionized water, enzymes blend, Izopropanol, Trisodium citrate dihydrate
Diethylene glycol mono butyl ether; 2-(2-butoxy-ethoxy) ethanol
Coconut oil acid diethanolamide (coconut oil fatty  acid N,N-bis(2- hydroxyethylene) amide) 
Sodium Laureth Sulfate + 2 EO, C9-11 Alcohol + 6 EO, (Ethylenedioxy)dime thanol
Mixture of 5-chloro- 2-methyl-2Hisothiazol- 3-one (CAS 26172-55-4) and 2-methyl-2Hisothiazol- 3-one (CAS 2682-20-4).