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Ultizym Hand Soap 500ml
Highly effective enzymatic agent for washing hands.

Effective agent for washing hands. Creates safe microflora on the hands, removes unpleasant odours and maintains aqueous-alkaline balance, is economical in use. Gently influences skin, is suitable for frequent use.


  • with the help of batcher apply agent on hands;
  • do not add water unless contamination disperses;
  • continue to wash hands with small amount of water;
  • rinse hands with great amount of water;
  • dry hands.

Ingredients:    INCI    % w/w
Aqua    93.20280
Cocamidopropyl betaine    2.83500
Laureth-7    0.99000
Solvent (propane-1,2-diol)    0.99000
XANTHAN GUM    0.70000
enzymes    0.20000
parfume    0.04860
d-Limonen    0.03200
Preservative    0.00160