Advantages of a club card
Having bought a club card you become a participator of “Binatec®” company loyalty program.
You receive a full access to personal cabinet in our home page where you can find full and detailed information about products and methods of use.
You get an opportunity to participate in thematic seminars, webinars and trainings which are managed by the company “Binatec®”. 
You get an opportunity to learn about regular sales beforehand. 

How to get a club card?
You can get a club card “Binatec®” by putting it in the shopping basket or tick next to inscription “I want to buy a club card”.

But wait… there’s more!
You’ll get new opportunities because you will get some bonuses after your purchase. 
You may collect bonuses because you will be able to buy for them “Binatec®” products. 
A club card is based on accumulating principle and in some time the percent of accrual bonuses increases. A club card will help to save 25% - 45% means on buying “Binatec®” production. During different sales discounts will sum up. 

How to use bonuses?
You obtain bonuses when you buy “Binatec®” products. Bonuses accumulate in your account during the month and, starting from the next month, you can charge accumulated bonuses (partly of fully) in order to pay for means.
You can see the statistics of your purchases and the sum of bonuses in your personal cabinet.
If you buy “Binatec®” products with bonuses, you obtain additional sum of new bonuses as if you have purchased products using money. 

Important to know!
In order to get bonuses, you should accumulate in your account not less than 25 bonuses in a month. In order to get maximal status in a loyalty program, you have to accumulate 50 bonuses in a month. 
You can see in your personal cabinet the amount of accumulated bonuses for each kind of production, the principle of accumulation and possibilities to increase bonuses. 
You get access to information in your personal cabinet after you purchase and register a club card.