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You want to engage in interesting business and to have a fixed income? You are a leader and you are interested in innovative and green technology in the field of clean home and hygiene? Then you’ve come to the right place! The company Binatec – a European manufacturer of household cleaning and personal hygiene products – invites active entrepreneurs from Russia and other neighbouring countries to become our distributors! We offer a perfect business model and free-of-charge training devoted to product details in order to make your dream come true!

With correct approach and some effort you will get a network franchise and a warehouse bonus, you will be able to earn some extra income and make a rapidly growing profit!

The Binatec business model – it is profitable. It brings income without big financial investments; the main capital is your passion for sale of our products. You can do business with Binatec in you spare time, gaining profits from the sales, purchasing the products with our club discount and selling them to the customers at the catalogue price. Besides, you will get bonus for each new buyer and all of his or her purchases. If you create your own team, you will be able to receive monthly and annual compensations for leadership and creation of groups, as well as some extra compensations and rewards for attracting to business and regular information support of your partners. The level of your compensations and qualification is determined according to your number of points per month.