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Buying Binatec® Products

For regular customers, the Company has developed a cumulative system of discounts and promotions. To participate in the accumulative program, it is enough to buy a club card and indicate its number with each subsequent purchase. Thus, all your purchases will be taken into account in the Company's accounting system, which will allow significant savings. Details you can check with our managers.


  •     Discount of 20% or more on products.
  •     Participation in promotions, promotional gifts and lotteries.
  •     Self-realization and communication.
  •     Recognition and success.
  •     Social significance.
  •     A source of additional income.
  •     Personal growth.
  •     Constant career growth.
  •     Own business opportunities.
  •     The possibility of obtaining a franchise.
  •     Unique highly profitable marketing.
  •     Step by step training and modern business tools.
  •     Advertising support: booklets, catalogs, posters ...
  •     Information support.
  •     The ability to travel at the expense of the company.