Binatec® - a new generation of organic cleaning and washing agents for Your home and cleansers for personal hygiene. Binatec®products are unique - they are developed with the recommendations of doctors allergists.

It is recommended for people who have weak immunity and suffer from asthma, for pregnant, as well as for people who are allergic to aggressive chemical substances. Means reduce risks of inflectional illnesses in areas where there are children.

Binatecproducts are ecologically safe,  hyppoallergic, enriched with probiotic cultures. Protect ing You and Your house from pathogenic bacteria without harming environment. Biodegradable, do not contain phosphates. Are affordable and economical.

The principle of Binatec® production efficiency is the physical separating of dirt from a surface without harmful  chemical compound formation. 

For this day company "Вinatec" offers laundry washing,  surface cleaning agents,dishwashing liquids, cleansers for personal hygiene, car cleaning agents, as well as animal care products and cleaning agents for animal habitation places.

All products represent a combination of unattainable before efficiency in a fight against any dirt, ability to restore and support a healthy microbiological environment and positively effects human and domestic animal health.

The basis of products are unique innovative formulas -  BPC™, ОSC™ and UZC™.

All products are safe, biodegradable and meet the requirements of EU ecological standards.

Binatec® products bring to Your house health, cleanness and welfare!


Do not cause corrosion
The components of cleaning agents with the similar pH level as Binatec® products, usually aggressively affect metals. The independent tests in a number of Russian and European companies confirmed that overwhelming majority of metals do not corrose even in interaction with our products-concentrates. Work compositions do not cause neither corrosion, nor etch of metals at all. Furthermore, Binatec® products are indifferent to any other materials.

Eye, respiratory tract, skin and clothing safety
When our products get in contact with skin only thing what happens is just it`s degreasing – You only feel  a little dryness. As for the contact with eyes, our products cause theirritation not greater, than ordinary soap. Our products allow the consumer work without protective remedies. Nevertheless, in user manuals we write, that while using the products of Binatec® it is necessary to use skin and eye protection remedies. It is done in accordance with law, because formally we always have to use protection while using any type  of cleaning agents.

We offer products meeting all modern requirements of environment protection. During utilization You can pour them in the sewerage without any limitations.

The European normative documents claim a product is considered biodegradable, if the maximum level of it`s biodegradation (it`s biodecomposition till unharmful elements naturally presented in an environment) exceeds 80%. The products of Binatec® decompose for 85% within 28 days, i.e., at the level of glucose, and then decompose fully.

Absence of phosphates
Many cleaning and washing agents contain phosphates, which increases product`s activity. It is known that phosphates harm the environment. Our products do not contain phosphates!

With time in a ready work compositions  occur natural stratification of dirt. This process can be accelerated and intensified through separation or filtration, but our products can be used many times, thus allowing a considerable cut of Your expenses.

The stability of characteristics
Binatec®  work compositions remain suitable for use a long time.Organic solvents are volatile, but our separators of dirt quickly evaporate only at high temperatures and even in this case 80% of evaporating substance consists only of water, and not a degreaser. Additional advantage of Binatec® products – production characteristics are highly stable, while quality of solvents gets radically worse with the dirt access.
BPC™  (complex of probiotic protection)
ОSC™  (complex of organic separation)
UZC™  (complex of enzyme cleaning)